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Showing posts from March, 2010
Here is a bookmark I knitted from the Knit-A- Pattern A Day Calendar .
Here is a crocheted version.

Solomon Knot Scarf

Here is the latest project, more work with the Solomon knot. I made this triangular scarf.

Solomon's Knot Vest

I was inspired to make this after a picture of a cobweb vest showed up on Crochet Partner's group. This is my first attempt at the Solomon Knot, I think it is also known as the love knot. I enjoyed making this and there will be more like this and maybe a pattern in the near future.
Where did this come from?
I was straightning my afghans on the couch.
And I came across this.....

I don't remember making this, but it is nice and soft and can't put it down,
New Felted Purse
Here is my new felted purse. I could not find my pattern from the Pattern-a-Day Calendar from 2009, so I winged this from memory. It turned out that I made the button hole a little smaller than I wanted. However I still like how it turned out.My husband says that it looks like it is made from dryer lint :( I can't complain, it is Bernat's felting wool and it was on sale.