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Sky Photo

I am thinking ahead of time and posting a sky picture for Friday. I took this picture out of car while on a road trip a few weeks ago. Thanks to a photo app on my iPhone, it add "rays" to the upper left corner. I also added a current pic of the tree I posted last week, now showing some green leaves.

Black and White Wordless Wednesday

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Blossomed Tree

I am really enjoying how the trees are blossoming.

Crocheted Egg

It is one of the eggs I made last year.

Cupcakes with Egg Decoration

I have been lacking in the egg-per-day-until-Easter posts. These cupcakes where brought to a church function. I like the egg decorations, I heard these decorations came from Hobby Lobby.

Signs of Spring

I really like this tree with the white blossoms, I took the picture with my iPhone during a late afternoon walk.

Bud Light

I was a little surprised to find a case of Bud Light on the counter.

Wordless Wednesday - Fish Tank

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Black and White Photo

I took this the other day while I was out on my walk.

Egg of the Day

Crocheted Egg

Today I have a crocheted egg I made last year. It is a little worn as the cats have used this as a toy.

Cool Sky

I took this a few years ago in Republic of Georgia.

Paper Eggs

Just took a picture of a bunch of eggs.

Show Your Stuff # 15

Of course I post this to the wrong blog, but I might leave this here for now. I am also showing off my egg for today, it is another Japanese Paper egg. It is another edition of Show Your Stuff, Link up anything you are proud to show off.

Below is a link for our Pear and Banana Quesadilla, it is being Pinned a bit on Pinterest:

Just Winging It: Pear and Banana Quesadilla: Pin It My husband was inspired to make this after watching Paul Deal make a dessert quesadilla on Food Network. I unfortunately missed...

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Egg For Day

Black and White Eggs

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Going On here:

Egg Pics Resumes

Back from my trip, an egg per day blog posts resumes.

Pink Tree

Visiting my daughter, I like the pink tree with the bird on top.


Decorated Eggs

I am going to be out of town over the weekend, so I am showing a set of three decorated eggs to cover Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Egg with Cat In It

Today's egg is a porcelain egg with a cat in it.

Cadbury Creme Egg

I love the Creme Eggs.