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Showing posts from August, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Black and white photo at the local library.

Flower Picture

Sky and Flower Photos

I have a photo of a sky at my church and a flower found during my walk.

Wordless Wednesday - Sketches

My son draw the top picture, the rest are done through an uSketch app on my iPhone.

Blue Monday

Some blue artwork done up in

Sky and Flower Photo

These are taken with my iPhone and altered with  Instagram

Wordless Wednesday- Sky Photos

These will not only be shared for Wordless Wednesday, but with Sky Watch Friday also.

Blue Monday

Artwork found in my son's school. It is hard to believe he is going to be a Senior this year.

Paint Images

Black and White

Some black and white photos I did in Instagram.

Flower and Sky Photos

I am showing off some flowers and sky photos.

Wordless Wednesday

Blue Artwork

Blue artwork that started out from the pattern on my bed sheet. From there I let my imagination go.