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Christmas Tree Artwork

My son drew the picture, I added one Bonnie's textures. I used the image to make Christmas Tags.

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Tags

I had my son make me a picture so I could make Christmas tags. Feel free to print tags for your own use below:
Charlie's Christmas Tags

Blue Monday

Photo artistic interpretation of Christmas bulbs in a box. I was visiting my daughter over Thanksgiving and she was in the process of setting up the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tags

Some images I plan to use to make Christmas tags. I am also waiting on my son to draw me some images.

Christmas Tags

Signed and Sealed Photo Art

I just returned from a Thanksgiving trip my daughter hosted. I am using the "signed and sealed" texture with a black and white photo I took of the thanksgiving pies.

I am sharing this here:

Wordless Wednesday - Cookie Cake

Today is my son's 18th Birthday, and here is a cookie cake creation for his birthday.

Blue Monday

Sidewalk chalk art done by neighbor kids.


Here are different interpretations of a candle I took picture of.


I took these pictures of Stonehenge about 20 years ago. My girls were small in these photos, but I know my oldest would like to go see Stonehenge again. I will share this Wordless Wednesday.

Sky photos

I am sharing this with Blue Monday and Sky Watch Friday.

Christmas Photo Art

To get you in the mood for Christmas.

Photo Art

Some random photo art

Fall Photo

Just another reminder that winter is on its way.

Wordless Wednesday

Black and White Halloween Pics