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Black and White Weekend

Your weekly dose of black and white pictures.

Evening Sky Shots

All these shots taken at sunset.

Wordless Wednesday

Three generations of Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. The books from the 40's and 50's are at a local used book store. The book from the 90's is actually my book.

Blue and Orange Monday

The Gateway Mall in Lincoln, NE has a merry-go-round near the food court.

This picture was taken at my local church, I was drawl to the orange in the painting and just by chance, there was a blue chair near the painting.

Sky Watch Friday

These are taken at my church on two different times of the day.

Wordless Wednesday

It has been a very long time since I did this.....

Rhine River Photos - Blue and Orange Monday

Black and White Weekend

Wedding Cake!

Wordless Wednesday

I consider myself lucky to get shots like this......

Blue and Orange Monday

I have a peacock picture I to many years ago during a vacation to Hawaii and a build shot I took during a boat ride on the Rhine River (I think) in Germany.

Black and White Weekend

Taken a few years while I was living in Germany, my daughter had won a law essay contest in school and this trip is part of the reward. However I don't remember where in Germany this is taken. (bottom picture might give a clue where)

Cloud Shark

I think a few of these almost look like a shark.