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Sky Watch Friday

This was taken years ago during a trip to Hawaii.

Paris Photo Art

So this month I went back to old photos I took during a Paris trip, using one of Bonnie's textures. I found a pic of little brother "embracing" older sister outside a Paris shop. I also did one with a pic of the inside of the Notre Dame.

Wordless Wednesday - Scary Sketches


These chalices were used during last weeks service which included a meal catered by my husband.
This post is going to be shared with Blue Monday, Mandarin Orange Monday, and Monday Mellow Yellow.
You could clearly see the blue and yellow, but I guess it is going to be a little difficult to pick out the orange.

InSPIREd Sunday

I am pretty sure this is a place of worship, as there is a cross on top of the structure. This was taken in 2007 during a rest stop on our way to Europa Park in Germany.

Black Forest Pictures

As part of Sky Watch Friday and Black and White Weekend, I am sharing photos taken back in 2007 during a trip to the Black Forest in Germany.

Wordless Wednesday - Halloween Drawings

I asked my son to draw up something for Halloween.

Blue, Orange, and Yellow

Two totally unrelated pictures. One is taken during a barbeque at our house, and the other during a trip to Switzerland.

This post will be shared with Blue Monday, Mandarin Orange Monday, Travel Photo Monday, and Our World Tuesday.

Simple Church And Photo of Jesus

These were taken years ago during a trip to Switzerland.

Black and White Weekend


Sky Watch Friday

I am still slowing recovering from my surgery. I did manage to take a short walk and capture this sky photo.

Wordless Wednesday

Cats go nuts over a squirrel outside patio door.

Blue, Orange, and Yellow

So if you don't know by now, had a hysterectomy last week. I haven't been motivated to do much of  anything as I am still not 100% and probably won't be for a while. However I am spending some time on my tablet and creating some artwork  on my tablet.

Black and White Weekend - Pumpkin

So for this week, I have a drawing my son did and a photo of a really large pumpkin.

Wordless Wednesday

I had surgery (hysterectomy)
this past Thursday and I just got home Monday.

Butterfly Photo Art

Edit Oct 31, 2013: As it turned out, I did miss out sharing this photo for October's party, so I will share this for November's party.

I hope to have this up on Photo Art Friday, I will be in hospital recovering from surgery by the time the party goes live.

But I do like like how these turned out. I took the photo at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE.

Wordless Wednesday

Every Thursday my son volunteers to the Foster Care Closet.