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Flower Photo Art

The original photo was taken a few years ago during a visit to the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE.

Sky Watch Friday

Just some really cool skies.

Oreo Dessert With Linky

I Know

Christmas has be over for a few months already, but the popcorn container my son got for Christmas was finally emptied and cleaned out.

Wooden Block Castle

We had bought this block set a few years ago while I lived on Germany. The grandchildren play with it every when they come to visit.

Sunday Sketch

One of the I do a lot for as long as I can remember is to make squiggly circles (for a lack of a better term). I do it when I was bored and usually at school/work.  I found I would rather work with paper and pen. In the digital age I have tried making these squiggles on my iPhone and zeta let. It is just not the same.

So I am going to share some of my squiggles along with another sketch done my son Charlie, who is clearly more talented than I am.

Moon Lit Night

I walked out one night and loved the full moon and the surrounding clouds. I don't think these photos are going to do justice, but still pleased that I actually got decent photos.

Cheescake! With Linky

Where You DON'T Want To See Blue

How did this get on my dryer drum?

Tablet Drawings

I went my drawings I did on my tablet and thought I would share it with Sunday Sketches.

InSPIREd Sunday

These are pictures of St Peter's Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE. The bell tower went off while I was taking pictures, and it startled me. This place appears to be  a new building built in 2007.

Girl In House

Here are more pictures from the Black Forest.

The Weekend In Black And White

I am sharing these with The Weekend In Black And White.

Sky Watch Friday

Taken outside my home.

Wordless Wednesday

My Siamese cat...
An InLinkz Link-up