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Sky Watch Friday Photos

Your weekly fill of of sky photos

Big Boy With Linky

I was visiting my daughter in Manhattan KS, I had come across the Big Boy figure and I guess it was on Pawn Stars.

Blue Guitar

Someone was going to throw this away. My son has been wanting to learn to play for a while, this could be his opportunity, he would have to get new strings.

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Texture Set Vol II

Here is another set of textures.

Weekend In Black And White

Some lovely sky's in black and white.

Sky Watch Friday

Taken back in 2010, my daughter discovered how to do the panoramic function on my camera. I still to date don't know how to use that function.
So here are some current sky photos from the past week.

Antique Sign With Linky

Saw this outside Mobile gas station.

Blue, Yellow, and Orange

This some artwork I did in my sketch book.

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This is something that I drew. I sketched the flowers in my sketch book, scanned the image, and added some color using Paint.Net.


A sketch done by Charlie, he is trying to draw cartoons. These remind me of anime style. I am not sure what these guys are up to.


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Springtime With Linky


I took this when I first moved to Germany in 2006. This is Military Housing near Ramstien.
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Spring Time Flowers

It is spring time and we got hanging plants, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs out on our apartment patio. Pictured are the hanging plants. Throughout the spring and summer months I continue to show pictures of our patio garden.

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Vintage Fisher Price Toy

For The Weekend In Black And White , I have the Fisher-Price village I use to play with as a child. Unfortunatly I am missing a lot of the peices. I don't have the people, furniture, or cars.


Nothing like a relaxing under a tree....

Nebraska Sky


Found this by the dumpster....

Mosaic Texture

Download this texture here.

inSPIREd Sunday

I know it is hard to see, I took a quick shot after leaving my grand son's birthday party. I don't about the church other that this is down town Lawrence, KS


I am glad when Charlie draws something other than swords, knives, and warriors. I really like his flower.

So I added the color to his flower and the last drawing is my attempt to draw flowers.

Sky Watch Friday

Taken during a road trip.