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Black And White Weekend

My daughter immediately fell in love with this typewriter when she first saw it. She rescued from my parents basement and gave it a new home.


  1. Lovely b&w photo!
    Happy New Year to you!
    My post at:

  2. The old Royal still looks like a grand old lady.

  3. I remember those.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  4. I learned to type on an old Remington Portable - which felt as if it weighed a ton! The wonder is that these machines still work (though it's not easy to buy the ribbons any more.) Fine photo, and I love the guardian dragon!

  5. Oh, what a beautiful typewriter! Very well captured!

  6. These are great old machines. Most of my students have never seen one, and know nothing about them. Have a friend who has a large collection of typewriters. This photo is perfect in b&w.

  7. What a wonderful typewriter,- I love them!

  8. That`s a true beauty. Love the pic!

  9. I love b/w photos and I so love old typewriters. Sigh!


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