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Wordless Wednesday - Free Comic Day

All my son wanted to do this past Saturday was go down to the comic book store and buy his comics. Usually in and out in less than 5 minutes.

However this past Saturday they were giving away free comics. We waiting over an hour and a half to get comics. On the plus side, he did get a lot of free comic books.


  1. I want the Doctor Who one heheh!

    Have a comictastic week :-)

  2. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Looks like he got a lot and nice titles too!

  3. Very cool. Even us old folks, like free comic day.

  4. How awesome - such a nice surprise! :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  5. my nephew had a good haul on Free Comics Day too!

  6. That's quite the impressive stash!

  7. I have not seen a comic book in years! Looks like fun!

  8. Wow, how exciting! My husband and I thought about going so that my husband could see what stash he could get. We ended up going to see Avengers instead.


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