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Sky Watch Friday

Scibble Picinic

I got excited about this week's theme. I have all sorts of curly artwork in my sketchbook.

Black and White Weekend

One of my three cats, Gambit.

Skywatch Friday

Sky Photos that was taken during the eclipse last Monday.

Scribble Picinic

I added on to the curtain drawing. I was trying to add a backsplash with the theme.

Cheese Curds

Fried cheese curds from a diner.

Scibble Picinic

This week's theme is flower bed.

Both digitally enhanced in Picsart.


Scribble Picinic

I had gone back and added more stuff to my alien drawing. I added trees, grass, some more aliens, and of course some buttons on the alien shirt and also a button nose

Black And White Weekend

Scribble Picinic

I am glad it postponed, I would of missed it again.

So here is curtain drawing, digitally enhanced in Picsart.