Black and White Road Trip Photos

I got to spend a week in my childhood home, on this post I am sharing the black and white photos. My son brought his sketch book along and drew this.

I took this picture during a walk. I am not sure what kind of fruit is on this tree. My daughter though that it might be walnut.
Here is a color photo to help tell what kind of fruit it is. I only notice the tree because a bunch of the fruit was on the ground. I was initially thinking that it could be an apple tree, but these looked a little small.

The next three photos where originally taken by my dad. He had served in the Army band in the early sixties. He had taken many pictures during his time oversees. He had gotten out before the Vietnam war.

I took this photo while getting gas on the road trip. We were in southern Wisconsin. Out of all the pics I took on the trip, I took a lot of sky pics.

Sharing this with The Weekend in Black and White.


  1. I love your son's sketch book, and the sky in your last photo is really dramatic.

  2. I like the last one. industrial landscapes are always fascinating. These iron silos are beautiful under this light


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