Branson Vacation Photos

My husband and I went on vacation to Branson, Missouri over the week of my birthday. This would be the second time we visited Branson. The first time we went at the beginning of the pandemic. We were supposed to go on a cruise. That got cancelled and we went to Branson instead. We enjoyed it and decided now to make a return trip.

The first set of photos are from the Precious Moments Chapel. We saw the billboards for it on the way down and it wasn't that much out of the way and decided to make an impromptu stop. The chapel was beautiful, and I recommend seeing it, especially if you are into Precious Moments.

The first attraction we saw on our first full day in Branson was the Aquarium. I think this was a recent Branson addition. We enjoy going to aquariums and I think we would have seen this the first time we were there.  There is a big Boardwalk building nearby that is under construction. We asked someone at the aquarium what this building is, it is likely going to be a large shopping center.

I did crawl into this space, which opens up to a dome kids can stand in. I was defiantly too old to do this, I felt in in my knees, but the next photo was from inside the dome.

There is this large chair is located in the Grand Village Shops. It was next to the aquarium, so we checked it out. Almost all of the shops were closed for the season. A lot of the attractions, shops and restaurants were closed for the season. 

Next, we went to the dinosaur museum.  The most exciting thing for me was to find 10 fossils for 10 percent of merchandise in the gift shop. I had to go through it three times to find them all. My husband and I were the only ones there at the time. Again, it was the off season. Even if I had not found all of the fossils, there were going to give us the 10 percent off anyway.

There is a fossil in the next photo...

...and a fossil in this photo.

We love cats, so had to check out this place. Obviously, we had to pay extra to hang out with the cats.

We finished up our day with a round of mini golf. Somehow, my husband and I tied. 

The next day (which was my birthday), we started out be going to WonderWorks.  We originally wanted to go to the Wax Musuem, but they were closed.  Since we are older adults, we did not do any of the motion related attractions we would have done when were younger. There is a lot of cool activities to do that kids would enjoy.

After we were done with WonderWorks, we headed to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

We went downtown are to do a little shopping and catch an early supper. 

To rap our final full day in Branson, we went to the only show that was playing in townThe Grand Jubilee was entertaining and funny. 

On our way back home, we stopped off to The Fantastic Caverns. We tried to visit last time we were in Branson, but that had closed down because of COVID. 

The first explorers of the cave (all women) wrote their names here, which would be an illegal act today.

Overall, we enjoyed our vacation. We likely to another trip to Branson sometime. There were perks in going in the off season. It wasn't crowded and the hotel prices are cheaper. The downside was that a lot of shops, restaurants, shows, and attractions were not running. We were limited on what to do. The sweet spot for us might be March - April timeframe. We might also have to check it out around Christmas time.

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  1. Great place for a holiday. You have captured the sights beautifully!

  2. So it is more than music! I love all of these photos, and I love that you liked Branson enough to make another trip!


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