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I am sharing more nature photos, If you are more familar with plants and stuff, maybe you can help identify a few question I have below.

Do you know what kind of flower is growing on this tree?  I don't.

I am not sure what kind of berries these are,

Some trees have fallen during a recent storm.

If you know what is on this leaf, please let me know. I don't know what it is.

Some Daisies....

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  1. Those daisies! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. THis was a beautiful walk! I believe the berries might be blackberries ?

  3. I think some of the berries look like raspberries but it's hard to say. I'll look back at the comments later and see if you got some answers. I have an ID book out right now looking up a bird I saw this morning. It's a challenge!

  4. I know nothing about plants but the people at #FloralFridayFoto or #GardenAffair can usually answer. I like the berry shot. It's a little over exposed but its still very eye catching....and warm. The exposure makes it feel very warm and summery. Lovely pics.

  5. The berries are mulberries! You can eat them when they turn dark.

  6. Julie - I believe the flowers are a horse chestnut. And yes, I would agree those berries are mulberries. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  7. When I right click on photo #4 and select Google Lens, it identifies it as Catalpa tree (whatever that is... never heard of it!).

  8. I have an app on my Iphone that identifies plants. I have no idea.


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