Emergency Stop In Cedar Rapids

We were traveling back from Wisconsin to Nebraska when we realized that my husband was very ill. We stopped in an emergency room near Cedar Rapids. We were told that he had to go to an ICU unit in Cedar Rapids. Fortunately, we are now back home now, and my husband is doing well.

So my son and I ended up spending a few days in Cedar Rapids. We didn't do anything except stay in the hotel or visit at the hospital. We did eat out at a Mexican restaurant that had a cool antique car and a shark outside the restaurant. While at the hospital, I did take some photos I thought would be cool.

The mural was across the street from the hospital.

This is a meditation garden.

St. Lukes is the hospital in Cedar Rapids.

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  1. always better in Black & White! Cheers!

  2. I was in Cedar Rapids years ago (perhaps 1999?) - I had family in Iowa City at the time. I'm happy your husband is released and doing better. I loved that mural.

  3. I'm glad all worked out well for your family. Nice you were near a hospital when needed. Lovely photos you were able to take.

  4. ...great late '40s to early '50s Chevy.

  5. So sorry you hubby was ill. Hope all is well now.

  6. this old truck's photo is amazing !

  7. Good to know your husband is recovering now.
    Beautiful captures!

  8. Trucks, kindness sign and a meditation park are awesome images. Glad your husband is home and on the mend.

  9. So glad to hear your husband recovered!


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