Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 In Review - 12 Things 2011

We Celebrated Christmas with in-laws in January 2011

Bought a mouse pad calendar for 30 cents in February
Did a Chili Cook off at local church in March
April - Easter Decorations
Granddaughter graduating high school in May
Father's Day Meal
We moved in July, I tore up my old work shirts for a future craft project
I started a Cat Blog for my cats in August
My grandson visits in September
Visited Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE in October
Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Christmas Tree - and again we will celebrate Christmas with in-laws in Jan 2012


  1. What a great year in pictures, so glad that you linked up with us!

  2. Visiting from the link up. Great variety of photo. I'm crochet too and I'm curious what your old work shirts would turn out to be.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  3. What fun! I hope you have a wonderful new year and belated Christmas with your inlaws.

  4. Looks like you all had a great time for Christmas. We are still on vacation and I am loving it! I'm a new follower. I would love for you to follow me back. @Forever A Teen on Facebook. My blog is: http://foreverateenonline.blogspot.com/ Check it out! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  5. Visiting from linkup. I love those crocheted Easter Eggs. I tried to make a few but had just learned to crochet and had a hard time. Thinking this Easter they will be easy. :) Really enjoyed your year in review.

  6. Visiting from TT&J. Happy New Year- love the idea of the cat blog!
    :) Samantha

  7. Such a full year! Here's to all of the best in 2012!