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Black and White Weekend

I have started to deck my halls for Christmas. This is only a small part of my counter I got dedicated for my Christmas village.
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Black and White Weekend

The actual photo was taken over 10 years ago around Christmas time. I believe the video game system my younger daughter is playing is a Sega Dreamcast. The two smaller photos in the picture are more recent. We would not have our black cat Midnight until years later and the other photo are my grandchildren  not even born yet at the time of the photo.

Sky Watch Friday

There were some really awesome looking clouds after I got off work.

Pink Saturday

I thought I would look for pink in the photo from our March 2018 Carribean Cruise. It was our first cruise celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed it so much that we have another one coming up in March 2020.

 We just boarded the ship and my husband is already having an alcoholic drink.
 We have chocolate cover strawberries and macaroons delivered to our room.

 There was a Dr. Suess parade for the kids.

 Here my husband is having a drink in Margaritaville.

So as it turns out, the majority of the pink photos from the cruise are food and drink.

Black and White Weekend

It looks like my granddaughter is behind a fence, but it is the play area at McDonalds.

Sky Watch Friday

This photo does remind me why I like the fall so much.


Both are edited versions of the Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We were on our way to the Bay Beach Amusement Park.

Out For a Walk