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Here are pics of the latest projects, two felted handbags and a shelled tote bag.

Here are pics of towels with crocheted top.
Some pics of my latest projects, a purple baby hat and a towel ring.
I was totally disappointed on how the market went today. Big festival going on today, expected larger crowds and larger sales. This did not happen, I only made $8.50 in sales :(
Lady next to me had the hanging towels, this inspired me to make one. I will have to buy towels yet to make some, but in the meantime I made this ripple hanging towel.
I am working on my first pair of knitted mittens. I do like the cable down the middle. I think this is going to turn out a little on the small side. I guess I can sell this at the market as small mittens.

Scrubby Dishcloth Pattern

Pattern for Scrubby Dishcloth:
Cotton worst weight yarn in two colors
Size G crochet hook

Cut scrubbie into a three inch diameter circle
Punch out 24 holes evenly around the scrubbie.
With first Color, 24 sc around the scrubbie slip stitch to join with first sc.

Row 1: Chain 3 (counts as a dc), 7 dc in same stitch * skip 2 sc, 8 DC in next stitch* around slip stitch to join with beginning chain 3.
Row 2: slip stitch in next 3 dc and in between 4th and 5th dc. chain 3, 9 dc in same space, * skip next 3 dc, between next 2 dc, skip next 3 dc and 10 dc between next 2 dc* repeat around ending with skip next 3 dc and dc between next 2 dc. Slip stitch to join fasten off first color. Row 3: Join second color in bewteen 5th and 6 of a shell. chain 3 and 9 dc in same space, * skip next 4 dc [ dc between the next 2 dc] twice, skip next 4 dc, 10 dc between next 2 dc* repeat around, end with skip the next 4 dc [ dc between the next 2 dc] twice. slip stitch to join with chain 3.
Row 4:
Someone approched me at the market about making repairs to this blanket:

I said I was willing to take on this project. This should be interesting because I have never repaired a crocheted item before.

Here are just some pics from the farmer's market.