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Wordless Wednesday - 2012 in Review

This my year in review photos. Nothing to exciting. Just some random pictures taken throughout the year.

Christmas Party

We had a late Christmas family today. I am showing some of the blues from the party

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Blue Christmas

Christmas gifts in blue. I bought the glass at Pier 1, and my husband made it into a candle.

First Snow Fall

First snow fall of the season.

Wordless Wednesday

Our pastor at our church lined up Hershey Kisses into a Christmas tree, like in the Commercial.

Sky Picture

It was a little chilly for my walk today. I thought the birds flying south was kind of cool. I don't think a got a good picture. I posted it on Instagram, the Hudson filter gave it a bluish image.

Wordless Wednesday

The red tree is a candle that has been in my family as long as I can remember.

Christmas Tree

I crocheted these Christmas trees.

Sky Watch Friday

I got some cool sky photos after work. With less daylight in the winter months, I have less opportunity for good sky photos.

Wordless Wednesday - Cookies!

Cherry mint pinwheels and date pinwheels. Yum!

Christmas Shopping

Some blue images while doing some Christmas shopping. I am within walking distance of the shopping complex, so I got some exercise in too.