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Haymarket Farmer's Market-Lincoln, NE

Saturday morning at the farmer's market....

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Pink Saturday


I may have posted this a while ago, this is Charlie showing off a painting he did in his senior year in high school.

Sky Watch Photos

Most of these were taken during my daily walk and the last two taken at while I was in my car while it was raining outside.

It was raining outside when I took this.

Sad Face With Linky

Can you see the sad face in the tree?

Feather Drawing

This is a feather drawing that I did, I was inspired to draw this after seeing one on Pinterest.

This one I changed with Brushes app on my phone. This redone in Paint.Net

Cars In Black And White

I was look at old photos to convert black and white (for Weekend In Black And White) I have chosen some car photos

Sky Watch Pictures

Dill Weed Photo Art With Linky

Musical Drawings

This post originally appeared on Paper, Paint, Pencils, & Pens. Charlie is a contributing artist there.

Here are some drawings done by my son, Charlie Hill. He drew a trombone player and he did an abstract piece with musical notes.

Blue, Orange, and Yellow - Coffee Shop

I spent my Saturday morning at a coffee shop with my husband waiting to go to an appreciation luncheon  at our church. We had to drop our son off  to work and we are killing time at the coffee shop. So I created this picture for my weekly Blue, Orange, and Yellow post. It includes a mural, my coffee, and artwork by elementary students.
This post is going to be shared with Blue MondayMandarin Orange Monday, Orange You Glad It's Friday, and Monday Mellow Yellow. It could also be shared with other meme's.


Sky Watch Photos

Here is your weekly dose of sky pictures, to include a piece of photo art.