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Sky and Flower Photo

So I am doing a sky and flower photo to share with several blog hops. The sky photo was taken about 4 years ago in Germany (sorry don't remember where, my daughter won an essay contest and this trip was part of the reward), the flower is a hanging plant on my patio.

Wordless Wednesday

The kids did a program during our last church service, lights around the cross is to remind us Jesus shines his light on us.

Along My Walk

Pictures I took on my last walk.

Textured Flower

The texture used to create this is found here.I really like how this turned out.

Random Pictures

A collection of photos that will cover most of the blog hops that are going on throughout the week. Check out the side bar for were these pictures will be shared.

Sky Photo Art

First picture + Second picture = Third picture

Flower and Sky Photos

Black and White - 90 Candles

Taken almost 2 years ago, it was my grandmother's 90th birthday. I made it black and white.

Wordless Wednesday - New Hobby

My husband is starting to make candles, he hopes to start selling them.

Flower Photo

I do like taking pictures of flowers! I like how this one shows the clear blue sky.

Wordless Wednesday

More of my son's artwork and a picture of my son using iPhone photo app.

Some Cloud Formations

I was a good evening to take picture of clouds.