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Showing posts from January, 2013

Sky Pic

Taken at grocery store parking lot.

Wordless Wednesday

Got to use new grill and sandwich maker we got for Christmas.

Photo Art

Photo Art

More photo art to be shared at various parties throughout the week. Featured is a felted ball I am making and a origami flower my son made for me.

Photo Art On The Go

I did this piece on my iPhone. Took a pic of some hula hoops in Wal-Mart. Did the photo up at McDonald's. I used one of Bonnie's textures and the picart app on my phone.

Wordless Wednesday

Did some creative editing on some photos on my tablet using Picsart.

Hospital Blues

My husband is in the hospital for vertigo, hopefully he will be home soon. So I took these photos at the hospital. So I will this with Blue Monday, Our World Tuesday, and Sky Watch Friday.

Photo Art

It has been a while since I done a piece of photo art. I did this on my new tablet I got for Christmas. It is a picture of my yarn basket layer in with a flower photo.

Wordless Wednesday

It was nice to go for a walk when it was not too cold.

Blue Monday

For Blue Monday, I am showing off the beta tank that has a blue light in it.