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Lacy Shells Hat and Scarf Set

I made this set as part of the Olympic KAL. I print out the pattern on the web years ago, but I currently can't find this pattern on the web.I also started on making a felted purse for me, I had the pattern on my Pattern-a-Day calendar from 2009. I curently can't find this pattern either, so I an winging-it from memory.
Finished a small project today

Wanted to do something small today before starting on an olympic KAL that is going to start tomorrow. Not sure if I am going to get that involved watching the olympics, but I am going to be busy finishing a pair of socks.
Headband and Cat

I am showing off the headband I made, I like how it turned out. I used Patons stetch sock yarn. I am also showing off my cat hiding in a blanket I made a while ago. Isn't he cute?

So here is the pattern for the headband:
ch 10
Row 1:sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc in the next 2 chs, ch 4, skip 3 ch, sc in the final 3 ch. ch1, turn
Row 2: sc in the next 3 sc, ch 3, sc in the final 3 sc, ch1, turn
Row 3: sc in the next 3 sc, ch 2, sc around the ch 4 and ch 3 from the previous 2 rows, ch 2, sc in the final 3 sc, ch 1 turn.
Row 4: sc in the next 3 sc, ch 4, sc in the final 3 sc, ch1 turn

Repeat rows 2-4 for about 20 inches or desired length ending with row 3.

Finish off and sew ends together.
I want to have a room that looks just like this room!!