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Tiggerific Tuesday

Hop around and make new friends!

It is another blog hop party!

Planet Weidknecht -Weekend Blog Hop

Follow Friday - 40 and Over

Wordless Wednesday - Pumpkins

Daily Blog HOP!

Well, it is time for another dose of daily blog hop. I am showing off more flower pics. Soon it will be winter and we will have to wait until spring to enjoy the flowers.

Daily Hop - Planet Weidknecht

I have seen Christmas decorations up in stores already. So to get in the Christmas Spirit, here are some photos from last years Christmas.

Daily Blog Hop - Follow Friday

Welcome again weekend blog hoppers! I think it is almost an addition getting involved with everyone's blog hop.

Daily Blog Hop - Wordless Wednesday

Running into a storm while on a road trip this spring.

Daily Blog Hop - Tiggerific Tuesday

I am starting to exercise more, by going out on daily walks. I stopped to take pictures of flowers along the way.

Daily Blog Hop - Planet Weidknecht

Here is another dose of daily blog hop! come on by and say hi! I went out for my daily walk and ran across this cute and friendly cat on the walking path.

Daily Blog Hop - Follow Friday 40 and over

Welcome bloggers hopping over this weekend! This blog has a blog hop going on every day! Go ahead , link up, and meet other bloggers!

Daily Blog Hop

For today's daily blog hop, I am showing off some pretty pink dishcloths. Edit, I decided to make this photo part of the 20 week photo challenge, as I misunderstood theme and was thinking it was "broken" you can find my original photo I was going to use here.

Daily Blog Hop - Wordless Wednesday

Daily Blog Hop - Tiggerific Tuesdays

Your Daily Blog Hop. I decided to use Tiggerific Tuesday link-up.

Daily Blog Hop

Some reminders that Fall is here.

Daily Blog Hop

Bringing you your daily blog hop. Pics are made using DerManDar app on my iTouch. As always, no rules to participate in blog hop, just keep it family friendly.

Daily Blog Hop-Planet Weidknechet Weekend Hop

Getting the daily blog hop on via Planet Weidknechet. I am showing off of picture of a flower. I do like taking pictures of flowers.

Daily Blog Hop - Follow Friday Over 40

Just Showing off some flower pics. 

Orange Flowers

As part of the twenty week photo challenge, this weeks theme is the color orange. These flowers were taken with my iTouch. This is also part of a daily link party I recently started on this blog.

Daily Blog Hop #8 - Rebekah at the Well

I was curious if this statue is suppose to represent the story of Jesus talking to the women at the well, another biblical story, or some other story I am missing.

This statue is at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE