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Photo Art-Sunken Garden

Picture of the dome from the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE

Photo Art

It is another attempt of layering, I might get hooked on doing this.

Sky Photo at Work

Photo taken before starting work and after.

Black and White Wordless Wednesday

I guess it is not a black and white photo, it is my son's artwork done in pencil. He has a common theme of guys with swords, guys with wings, and dragons. I actually found one that was different.
<p><a href=""><img src=" " height="125" width="125" /></a></p>

Paris Picture

I got a free Paris texture here. I added an upward view of the Eiffel Towel I took a few years ago while in Paris. I got my second attempt of doing layers.

My First Attempt To Add A Layer To Photo

The photo was taken a few years ago in Wisconsin during a road trip. I stopped to get a picture of the sunrise. Using Paint.Net, I added a yellow flower to the lower portion of the photo.

Wordless Wednesday - Casino Trip

Spent the last couple days couple day at Mesquaki Casino.

Spider Webs

I took some pictures of a spider webs while I was out for my walk. The wet weather highlighted its beauty

Sky Pictures

These picture were taken during a walk.

Black and White Wordless Wednesday

I took this photo a while ago at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE.

Wordless Wednesday - Disc Golf

I personally don't play. I run across it during my walk.

Beautiful Weather

Wordless Wednesday-Strawberrys

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Tea Cup

I was playing with my iPhone while having tea. I have the original photo and that only the tea is colored in.

Double Exposure Pic

I created this picutre thanks to a LEME photo app on my iPhone.