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Flowers From Lincoln Gardens

I took pictures of these flowers last year, I added textures to these photos.

Black and White Photos

First two photos are taken on the path where I walk, the last picture was taking in the Black Forest in Germany.

Wordless Wednesday - Storm Clouds

Storm clouds brewing.


I have more of my son's drawings up, and a picture of us at the movie theater ready to see the Avengers.

Photo Art - Having Fun

Just having some fun in

Sky Photos

It is another sunrise photo from the parking lot at work. Other photos altered thanks to some iPhone apps.

Photo Art-Plant Picture

Plant pictures using the Leme photo app on my iPhone, first picture layered with another plant picture.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

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Eye In A Bush - My Son's Artwork

First Picture:
Original picture of of eye in a bush

Second Picture:
I inverted the colors of the first picture

Third Picture:
I added "dents" to one of my son's abstract painting

Sky Photo and Flower Photos

First picture:
Sunrise photo taken with my iPhone

Second picture:
Same sunrise photo changed using a photo app on my iPhone.

Third Picture:
A painting my son did a few years ago in school.

Fourth Picture:
Picture of flowers at Lincoln Gardens in Lincoln, NE

Fifth Picture:
It is the 3rd and 4th photos layer together using

Sixth Picture:
I added another layer to the fifth picture.