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Blue And Orange Monday

The chocolate truffle was delicious, the flowers are beautiful, and I finished the knitted shawl I started two weeks ago.

These things have nothing in common other than it is blue and orange.

Black and White Weekend

I did a black and white photo of the bridge near my home.

Sky Watch Friday

Taken before I went to work.


I am sharing a sketch my son did and I am sharing how I changed it up with Instagram and
I will be sharing this with Wordless Wednesday and Photo Art Friday.

Blue Monday

This bike is a piece of art along a park. Check out the "roll" theme in these pictures.

Black and White Weekend

Random black and photos.

Iowa Rest Stop Photos

For Wordless Wednesday and Sky Watch Friday:
Iowa rest stop pictures....

Black and White Weekend

Black and white pics from the Sunken Gardens.

Sky Watch Friday - Sunken Gardens

These are pictures I took while I was at the Sunken Gardens, Lincoln, NE.

Wordless Wednesday - Sunken Gardens

Photos from the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE