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Wordless Wednesday - Angry Birds Calendar

I had to get an Angry Birds Calendar, anyone who has played Angry Birds knows how addicting the game can be.

25 Cents

New additions to my Christmas village. On clearance for 25 cents each.

Foto Friday

This is taken during a Combat Readiness Course I took while I was still in the Air Force.

Wordless Wednesday

Picture taken at Europa Park

Foto Friday

I took this pictures with my new iPhone. It is a picture of my wallet, I knitted this a while ago.

Wordless Wednesday

It is that time of year again.

Seafood Lasagna

This smells really good, I can't wait to taste it!

Wordless Wednesday - Feed Me Seymour!

My Son

My teenage son started to do his own laundry. Good thing these Legos did not make it in the wash.

Follow Friday Blog Hop

Welcome weekend blog hoppers! If you have something to show off, go to Show Your Stuff Blog Hop.

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Presents