Thursday, November 01, 2012

Photo Art - It Must Be Paradise

Most of these photos come were taken in Hawaii years ago. I have one from Vegas that I inverted. One is taken from last week showing the colors of fall.
Daisy photo layered in with waterfall photo taken in Hawaii

Inverted photo of Fitzgeralds.

Same as first photo without the layer of daisies

Waterfall photo layered in with ocean photo, both taken in Hawaii


  1. the last piece is just wonderful! I love the processing you've done on it. it looks like a painting!

  2. Lovely scenes. The Daisy shot is so unique and that last one with the waterfall is lovely.

  3. BEautimous!! I love the waterfall one for its mystery.

  4. love the heart in photo 4! you should send it to clytie at guest heart thursday!

  5. You've created some intriguing effects!

  6. I love the more natural one, as in the real waterfall because of the beautiful rockwall colors.