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Wordless Wednesday

Hello Kitty + KISS =


  1. That brought a smile to my face heheh!

    Have a kittytastic week ;-)

  2. LOL - who thinks of these things. Hello Kitty and Kiss just seem like a really funny combination.

  3. That is too funny. I adore your cover shot by the way.

  4. How great are those!? I want!

  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    HOw cute!!! My little oldest one is here telling me that she wants one...

  6. Oh so cute! Thanks for hosting.

  7. Never thought Kiss would go with Hello Kitty, but they are sort of cute.

  8. Love your Hello Kitties-Too Cool.


  9. What a hoot! :-)

    «Louis» thanks you for linking with his Wordless Wednesday post.

  10. I love "Hello Kitty" so much. These are really unusual ones. I like the last one the best. Thanks for hosting WW. Hugs, Janet

  11. Oh, I love those! I totally need KISS kitties!! LOL

  12. Haha. My bother would LOVE those!
    My entry is #43. Come by and vote for us 1 last time?


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