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Christmas Photo Art

Merry Christmas, here is some Christmas related work this week, all done on my iPhone.

This piggy bank was in my daughter's apartment.

I was working on this project while visiting my husband in the hospital. 


  1. Meery Xmas,
    Happy New Year!

  2. What an array of happy photos ... Christmas is such a joyous time. My favorite is the couple sitting on the bench looking at Christmas related artwork and then the Christmas tree on at the end .. is it not on the wall also? Can't go without commenting on the subtle picture of a cat under the tree ,,, in a moment of peace, I presume, before he either climbs the tree or rips into the gifts and eats the ribbons, Ha! Thank you for these cheerful moments. Hope your husband is home and well. Happy Holidays to you

  3. A colourful series of art. Love the Snow White interpretation.

  4. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for sharing these creative blue pictures.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Great collection of happy images. I like the couple sitting in front of the paintings...

  6. Nice collection: Merry Christmas♪

  7. Lovely collection there :-)

    Happy Christmas :-)

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Awww so many beautiful things here =)

    Dropping by from

  9. Cool arrangement of star flowers!

  10. Some pretty things to hang on the wall.

    Have a safe and happy Christmas.

  11. Lovely set of pics. I, too, especially like the one of the couple sitting and looking at the wall of paintings.
    Happy holidays!!

  12. Impressive sequence.


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