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Tree Sketch

I did this tree while at Meskwaki
This was Featured on Inspire Me Monday.


  1. Love the colors you used in your painting of the trees. Very pretty. Visiting from Sunday Sketches...
    Happy Sunday!!

  2. Love your tree sketch here!

  3. Very fun.... Happy Sunday;)

  4. Very nice sketch, like it alot :)
    Have to give that a try too :))

    Have a beautiful Sunday!
    Tinna ✐

  5. I too love all of the colors and the great energy in your sketch!

  6. Gorgeous sketch Julie - thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)

  7. Funky and fun! Lovely tree.

  8. This is wonderful and really enjoying the doodling in the background. Glad to have you back!

  9. This is so wonderful! Love the color combination!


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