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Mesquaki Casino Trip

We had a trip to Mesquaki Casino, They had a Fall/Thankgsgiving themed display.

This is going to be shared with Blue MondayMandarin Orange MondayOrange You Glad It's FridayMonday Mellow YellowTravel Photo MondayOur World TuesdaySky Watch FridayThe Weekend In Black And White,  NF Digital ArtWordless Wednesday and Pink Saturday


  1. Hello Julie,

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special with all of these photos.

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. how did you make the different colours?

  3. Timely and fun♪

  4. what fun. Love the creative, colorful photos.
    (Visiting from Travel Photos Monday)

  5. Anonymous6:06 AM

    love the pink sky especially!!

  6. A great Thanksgiving dispaly and I love your designs ... still would love to know how you do that :) Nice work, Julie ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. The first cloud shot is my favourite!!

  8. Nice series! I love the bright colours in the first two.

  9. What a fun Thanksgiving display. I liked your edits, especially #2 with the Pumpkin and also the one with the crow. The spirographs were fun as well.

  10. So many images to choose from. I went through them several times, I the one I kept going back to was the circular design (Spirograph?) in color on a black & white textured background. So, I'm choosing it as my favorite for this week.

    You can view my Digital Art creation for this week here:

  11. Such a brilliant welcome to the casino. I hope you won money!

  12. Psychedelic coloration.... Interesting effect with the bottom two images.

  13. Nice sequence of a strange display,

  14. Great b&w photos!
    My post at:


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