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My Everyday Life In Photos XXXII

These photo where taken and artistically altered to be shared with Inspire Me MondayBlue MondayMandarin Orange MondayOrange You Glad It's FridayMonday Mellow YellowTravel In WeekendTravel Photo Monday,Macro Monday MixerMacro MondayI Heart Macro,  Good Morning MondaysOur World TuesdaySweet Shot Tuesday,  NF Digital ArtWordless WednesdayBlack and White WednesdayBlack And White WeekendSky Watch Friday.Feline Art FridayWeekend ReflectionsWelcome to the Weekend, and Pink Saturday

My 5 year old grand daughter took this picture..

.....and this one....

...this one too...

...and finally this one.

Midnight stalking my pie.

Does this look inviting?


  1. Thanks for taking me with you on a view of your life

  2. Hi Julie,

    Oh no . . . Halloween already? Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays, love the flower photos they are beautiful. Blessings

  4. Very nice photos!
    I especially enjoyed the sunsets and the black cat :)
    Nice finds and captures!
    Have a Wonderful Day and a Fantastic Week!
    Peace :)

  5. I miss the all-black cat we used to have!
    Come on over to and link up - I'd love to have you join us!

  6. I loved all these especially the skeleton ones heheh!

  7. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Oohh random series! Love the looking out of the window photo. So vibrant!

  8. And your kitty says, "why are you spending so much time with that little girl who takes such good pictures". And, Oh no ... Halloween already??? I am just getting into summer. Where does life go ... well, at least you are keeping busy with some beautiful photography, Julie ...

    Andrea @ From Thre Sol

  9. Very interesting and creative set of photos. I love the various treatments on the walk.

  10. Love that you turned over the camera to your 5 year old granddaughter. Great fun.

  11. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Nice pics. :)

  12. An eclectic series...always enjoy seeing what you've been doing♪

  13. Great photos. Your grand-daughter has talent.

  14. Your granddaughter has a good eye and sense for composition. Very cool orange sunset...I don't think I've ever seen crepuscular rays in any way other than white. Cool!

  15. Your granddaughter did a neat job on the photos. You never cease to share some of the neatest sights.

  16. I like that sky shot through the window. Beautiful!!

  17. Lovely sky shots. A fantastic reflection in that building. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. very nice collection of photos...Reflection in the building is stunning...


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